How to Enjoy the Irish Pub with Paul Leongas

A night of debauchery and flowing alcohol is a lot of fun. You are going to get this on a pub crawl when you are out with your friends in Las Vegas. If you haven’t experienced a night of these entertaining and interactive times, then it is a good idea to know some bar crawl tips that are going to help you through a summer pub crawl – especially when dealing with the intense heat of summer.

You don’t want to pass out because of dehydration or be the person who isn’t able to stand on their own after drinking in the first bar. Below are great tips that are going to help you when you are out on a summer pub crawl.

Managing Your Money
Now that you want to know what a pub crawl is, the goal is here is to avoid breaking the bank. The Vegas Pub Crawler has offers on drinks to riders, but it is important to plan ahead and place yourself. You need to know how many drinks you can have at each of the bars so you can remain within budget.

When bar-hopping, you might feel like a millionaire, but be careful not to buy a round in your first stop. You can stay away from the top shelf for this trip. If there is that one drink you have always wanted to try, spoil yourself. Make choices so your wallet will thank you later.

Liquor before Beer?
When you want to decide the drink you will have, make sure you see your previous drinking record. You are more likely to vomit when you mix beer and alcohol. It also makes you get drunk faster. Pick what works for you.

Be Friends
Whether you are a small clique or a large group, you should keep an eye over your tribe, no friend gets left behind. You already know your friends’ personalities. You know who is a drunk wanderer or who is a rebel. You don’t want to get the “I don’t know where I am” text later.

It is also a good idea to have SnapMaps or a “Find my Friend” for your group. This is going to help you a lot if something goes wrong and you need to find each other.

Hydrating and Eating
Las Vegas experiences high temperatures during the summer months, and it can be as high as 115 degrees. This is expected because it is a desert after all. This can be very brutal for those not used to Las Vegas weather. The temperatures will reach the triple digits, even in the evening. This is why it is important to drink a lot of water throughout the day.
Hydrate with water or a sports drink before you get started on your pub crawl adventure. Doing this is going to help you fight dehydration later. It is also going to help you deal with hangovers later.

What to Wear
The last thing you want to have on is heels or articles of clothing that can lead to a wardrobe malfunction. Wear something light and comfortable because you will be walking and peddling the entire time.

What Time is it? Game Time!
The competitive spirit can jump out when engaging in group drinking. There is no need to start drinking a lot of shots just because your friend is doing so. Imagine yourself vomiting in the Uber or on the streets, then make it your goal to prevent that from happening.

It is better to play a fun drinking game because it could be a good pacer. Games are entertaining and add good vibes and camaraderie to your bar crawl. Keep in mind you are still pacing yourself when you choose to play. When you add liquid courage to the competition, it can result in a fiery spirit known as “angry drunks”.

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