6 Essential Tips for Running a Bar with Paul Leongas

According to Paul Leongas whether you are running a nightclub or a brewery, the challenges of making the venture successful go beyond keeping your customer’s glasses full. You need to ensure you serve the best drinks, stay stocked, host events to excite potential customers, and protect yourself from possible liabilities. Managing a bar is no walk in the park, but the following simple and straightforward tips should help make your venture even more lucrative.

Tips to Run a Bar Successfully with Paul Leongas

(i) Keep it Stocked

Keeping the bar stocked goes beyond filling back the fridge or cooler with alcohol. You need to track what people are drinking and the drinks you are using more regularly than others. This will help you adjust the orders, and as a result, spend less on less popular alcohol while still satisfying your customers.

Other than alcohol, your bar should also have these essential items:


-Liquor pourers


-Mixing glasses






(ii) Measure the Liquor to Prevent Overpouring

An extra-strong cocktail might not seem like a big deal, but over time, overpouring drinks on the regular can lead to wasting thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are ways to measure pouring and avoid waste. Here are some examples of how you can prevent this in your bar:

-Utilize measured pourers. These make it easier to estimate portions and help avoid spillage and thus, reduced waste.

-Encourage the bartenders to use jiggers when making cocktails. This not only reduced overpouring but ascertains the customers get a consistent drink every time.

-Pick the right glassware. The right glassware can also come in handy in reducing liquor expenses. Heavy-base glassware has a thicker base, and so, you do not have to use much liquid to fill them compared to regular glasses. Over time, you will get to save a lot.

These tips will not only help prevent overpouring and waste but also ascertain consistency, which is vital in keeping the customers happy and coming back for more drinks. Paul knows his stuff as you can see from his Linkedin

(iii) Host Events and Happy Hour

Having a happy hour is one of the easiest ways to attract customers. The low prices are appealing and this allows you to sell more. With happy hour, your drinks and great service give the customers an incentive to stay longer and pay full price. The happy hour menu should have discounts on group specials, snacks, things with a high-profit margin as well as designated driver discounts.

Hosting events is another great way to draw customers to your joint. Consider hosting them on a regular basis, as this is an excellent way to build a customer base that will make your business profitable in the long term. Depending on your bar’s theme and customers, there are many varying events that you can host. A few examples include:

-Open mic nights
-Speed dating
-Sports parties or tailgating
-Acarde/game nights

Schedule the events to target certain demographics and specific times, like sports fans during and after a game, weekend brunch lovers, post-work business individuals, etc. Also, ensure you advertise your happy hour and event specials on posters, outdoor signs, and social media according to Paul Leongas.

(iv) Consider Making Signature Drinks

While most people go for popular drinks or cocktails, making ones that are unique to your bar gives you a competitive edge over other establishments. In addition, if you make your own signature drinks, you can price them a bit higher than the standard cocktails, resulting in a higher profit margin.

When making new cocktails or recipes, it’s important to factor in your demographic and their tastes. For instance, if you are near campus with people in their mid-20s, consider making strong cocktails that use alcohol like vodka, whiskey, and rum. On the contrary, if you are looking at an older customer base, use top-shelf drinks like bourbon or fine whiskey.

When managing your bar, it is also imperative to stay abreast of drink trends in order to offer your customers something new. Also, you can improve your game by putting unique garnishes in your cocktails, such as fruit kabobs.

(v) Employ the Right Bartenders

The bar niche has a high turnover rate, and this often leads to wasted money on training new people. Fortunately, you can avoid this by implementing stringent standards when employing bartenders and creating a training program that eliminates any poor candidates early in the process.

You can also implement regimens that encourage employees to stay in your bar. This includes incentives like favorable shifts, pay raises, and bonuses. However, not all incentives need to be monetary. Some people are motivated by the potential to learn new skills as well as promotions. For instance, if you have a dishwasher who has been working hard, but is also willing to learn bartending skills, you can reward them by providing training and letting them bartend during slow days as they dip their feet into the water.

Another important aspect of keeping the workers happy is by making sure you encourage a comfortable atmosphere where the employees feel welcome to share their feedback, be it concerns or new ideas. If the staff does not feel like their concerns are being heard and addressed by the owner or manager, it’s only a matter of time before they leave. In addition, by engaging with the staff, you get to learn more about how to create a healthy workplace and keep them happy.

(vi) Get a POS System

Vital for any bar, a Point of Sale (POS) system helps in keeping track of transactions, and your orders organized. These systems ascertain smooth communication between the kitchen, waitress, and bartender, thus keeping track of customers’ tabs, particularly during busy nights. Also, it allows you to check the sales breakdown of your employees.

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