Paul Leongas’s Guidelines For Managing A Pub

Paul Leongas has over two decades in the hospitality industry. Here are some of his great tips for managing a pub


According to Paul Leongas, one good idea is to have daily specials, even if some aren’t popular. Create events such as movie nights, trivia nights etc and keep trying different and new ideas until something sticks.

When you get creative with marketing and regularly try new things, you can easily find a winner. You can look at other bars for inspiration and implement the same successful events in your bar so that you can make higher profits. Be sure to visit other bars to get these ideas and see what is actually working for those bars.

There was this one time where this bar manager told us a crazy story.

One of their bar’s most well received ideas was a Bob Ross painting night happy hour. Basically, they get all the names of their guests and then randomly select one guest to paint along with an episode of Bob Ross. That’s the guy that does painting lessons and then once you follow along, you’ll have an entire painting finished at the end.

Be sure to try some of these promotion ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.

Be Aware Of Your Market

Your target market is likely the same market as other bars around your city according to Paul Leongas. So, be sure to check out the most successful bars and see for yourself what makes them so successful. Pay attention to the types of drinks they promote heavily as well as their decor.

If they have certain things that are working quite well for them, then that means their market approves and enjoys those things. So, this means those tactics will also work well for you and your bar.

Keep Updated On Industry Trends

This is taking being aware of your market to the next level. You should go online and have a look at what other bar managers are doing to make their bars a success. Pay attention to things such as the equipment they use, marketing, mixology, technology and more. Thanks to the internet you can easily access bar management techniques and find lots of related information.

You should also consider joining various bar and hospitality industry associations. You should go to their conferences and network with people in person to make relevant connections.

It is a good idea to network heavily with these type of professionals since they are doing exactly what you’re doing or want to do. This will make it easy for you to learn from them and learn more about restaurant an bar management. You can even learn more about huge developments as well as access bar and restaurant management books.

Create An Amazing Team

The good thing about excited learners is that they can be taught just about anything.

So, you should pay more attention to personality as oppose to experience or even skills.

This may appear to be crazy but its not!

When hiring employees for your bar, you basically have to create a particular social dynamic. It is important to create a great team that will be good for your bar and all your employees. Remember, the people that you hire will need to work together every day side by side. So, make sure that you create thorough interview questions to get to know potential staff exceptionally well.

You not only need to ensure that the potential employee is a great fit but you also need to offer an excellent bartender salary that is competitive.

Motivating Your Employees

In order to be an excellent bar manager, you need to figure out how to motivate people. This is essential so that your bar staff can be very motivated and excited in their jobs.

Some ways that you can do this include:

Helping them to grow in their own careers, ensuring that you listen to them and leading by example.

Leading By Example Suggests Paul Leongas

Once your bar is full of patrons, this will be quite noticeable. So, you should take this opportunity to work alongside your bar staff to greet patrons, serve people at the bar, clear empty plates from tables, do inventory etc.

This will make your staff feel great when they see you working with them and they will work hard with you.

Listen To Your Staff

Always take the time to listen to your staff and listen to their feedback, suggestions etc.

For example, you can create a suggestions box or even a Google form so that your staff can easily provide their feedback. Then, in the meetings together, you can talk about their feedback.

There are many benefits of doing this. Firstly, you’ll get many great ideas that can help to improve your business and your staff will feel more invested in your bar.

Encourage Professional Growth

Always have regular discussions with your staff about their career and let them now that you’re interested in helping them grow professionally. You should also provide all the tools that your employees need so that they can do their jobs exceptionally well. Be sure to also give your bartenders a list of all their duties so they know exactly what they are responsible for.

Develop a professional development roadmap for every single one of your employees and then help them to achieve the goals on their roadmap. For example, this could include showing them new mixology courses they can take. You can even pay for your staff to take particular exams so that they can get certified etc.

Additionally, you can ensure that your staff gets the work experience they need to achieve their particular goals or even introduce them to people who can help them in their career.


According to numerous studies, empathy is very important for high performance in jobs. This means that your staff should know that you care and empathize with them. Of course, this shouldn’t be an act, but you should actually be genuine in those feelings.

Use Technology

There are lots of bar management technologies that can be used in addition to your POS system. This can include inventory management software, accounting, payroll etc. Be sure to get all the software and technology that you need to make the lives of your staff easier and update your business.

You should also regularly get feedback on these technologies from your staff so that you can ensure your bar is using the best and most effective tools for the job.

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