Pub Promotion Tips with Paul Leongas

  1. Introducing event and holiday-inspired beverages and food
    You can celebrate holidays, special events, and important days by having exclusive drinks and food.
    If there is a soccer game that involves the Mexican national team, you can have parsnip chips and sweet potato nachos.
    During breast cancer awareness month, you can have pink hamburgers on your menu.

To show support to the LGBT community during pride month, you can have cakes dressed in rainbow colors.

  1. Advertising on Bloc
    Bloc is a free social events app that will pay people to attend a club. How does this work?
  • The users of this app are going to check in to the club and see those attending and earn starts on the app.
  • When the user attends a pub, the app is going to track them using the geo-location feature. They are going to get rewarded stars when they attend.
  • The users can then exchange the starts for real money when they collect enough. This is how a user is going to get paid to go to pubs.
  • When you advertise with Bloc, your pub is going to appear in multiple places inside the app and increase the number of people coming to your pub.
  • You are going to be charged two pounds if a customer attends your app using the app.
    This can be a great way of marketing your pub because it is free until someone checks in. The app also offers a trial option where you are going to get £150 ad credits. This means you can get 75 free customers.
  1. Promoting happy hours
    Happy hour has always worked when it comes to attracting people, and it has never gone out of trend.
    Using happy hours will help you attract a lot of customers. 1+1 on drinks or cheap drinks during happy hours is going to be a good offer for your customers who make it.

These offers are not going to attract those who come earlier. This is why you need a different style of promotion to attract them.

You can have unlimited, complimentary food for anybody buying drinks before happy hour. You can provide your customers with garlic breadsticks, individual pizza slices, etc.

You should give it a try for one week and see the results.
You also have to closely look at the numbers and see if the promotion is hurting your earnings.
Try out the 1+1 happy hour promotion and +1 food before happy hours. Try this approach and see if it brings you more customers.
If you choose this strategy, include a campaign for your social media platforms. Make sure you include alluring pictures of drinks and food.

  1. Introducing themed days and early bird menus
    You can grab the attention of visitors using themes like Fruitcake Fridays, Taco Thursdays, etc.
    You can also have an eye-catching and special food menu at reduced prices for early birds so it can do with the drinks. You can attract a specific group of customers interested in certain themes by having themed night schedules. This can help entice new customers who might have not come to your pub before.

Quiz night in a pub
You need to be consistent with your schedule when it comes to theme-based nights so that customers know what is coming up. You can have a quiz night on Wednesday or a single night on a Monday. Whichever theme you go with, you need to be consistent with the schedule because the patrons will appreciate that.

  1. Creating unusual cocktails
    Let the bartender experiment with a new menu and unusual cocktails because they might come up with a great cocktail.
    Promote new items on your menu across your social media platforms. A cocktail night every once in a while is a good idea.
    Hire a cocktail expert who is going to add some perfection to your menu. They can make tailor-made cocktails exclusive to your pub.
    A slow night can enliven up when you make it a cocktail night.
  2. Being family-friendly
    When you do this, you can easily appeal to different customers and meet their needs in an effective way.
    The pub can be split into distinct areas. There can be a food area for kids and families; a quiet place that is peaceful where people looking to have a quiet drink can go.
    When you have different areas in your pub, it becomes easier to serve that audience better. Have a space for children to play and fill it with toys and board games.
    The pub can plan family events that have an exclusive menu for children. Hiring a friendly clown or a magician is a good idea. They can go around distributing tiny chocolates/presents to the children.
  3. Using game nights to promote pubs
    Another attractive event that people seem to enjoy is game nights.
    Introducing entertaining games for your patrons and giving out prizes like 1+1 is going to work great. Pick games like small wooden puzzles, jigsaw, etc. these games are good because they are easy to solve and can be played in semi-dark spaces.

Trivia games and board games are great ways of dealing with stress for visitors and some can end up playing for hours while drinking. People will choose to stay longer when they are at the game table compared to the normal table, and this has been proven by research. Pub trivia games and quiz nights will make your customer satisfied and increase your revenue.

If you have enough space inside the pub, you can take things a notch higher by arranging table tennis, darts, and similar games. Another benefit of having these games is you can host tournaments. The tournaments will have teams and you can have more people coming to your pub because the patrons will bring their friends along.

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